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Kinanda Fest 2 - 20/10/2010

The KinandaFest – 2 was held on 20th October 2010 and for the sheer fun and irreverence of it all; we dubbed it  “Shukas n Juice” …little did we know what a kerfuffle that would cause.

Kifaru Gardens was transformed into almost magical place as the audience was treated to great poetry from Ngwalitio Mawiyo, Checkmate, Wamathai, Namatsi Lukoye, Mugambi Nthiga, Danice Kingori and Wanjiku.

Atemi, Eric Wainaina, Nina Ogot, Ma3, were some of the great musicians that kept the great crowd that turned up on this sleepy Kenyatta Day  (apparently that name was changed in the new constitution…to Founders...Mashujaa Day) afternoon and kept them on their feet.

KinandaFest – 2 marked the entry of poetry into our regular programming; it is something  we intend to keep going at the festival; having recognized the power and passion with which a new young generation of Kenyan writers have embraced this art form

We were thrilled to have you and look forward to seeing you at #KinandaFest3
Enjoy the pics below.

KinandaFest2 numbers
1.1 Acres of land hosted
225 adults and
10 children under
12 yrs  playing in
1 sandpit … who all drank a total of
15 litres juice…and sat on
12 bales of hay for
6 hours as they watched
4 poets and
5 bands that got photographed by
8 photographers that took over
400 pictures. One of which shows 
1 drummer juggling his sticks!


Ali Wamahiu- Dove Slime

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Tony Mwaura- the Genius behind this great pics

Ngendo and Wario


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Mikias and Nanjira
Gathoni and Marcus

Poji trying to Appear Deep

The Ever smiling Ngwatilo

Jacob Okumu- cool Mungiki Swag

Thanks to our Friends:

  •        EnnovatorMusic,
  •        Rainmaker, 
  •        Mobb Dejays                                                         
  •        RadarSecurity 
  •        Marcus Olang and Gathoni Mutua

For making KinandaFest2 happen

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