Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kinandafest 7 Infographic

official photographers took,
806 photographs..this is including the 
18  #hemediswag ones;
of 553 people watching a fun mix of performances that included
band  made up of, 
4 guys,
1 of whom played the Violin! and
poet in a blue dress....
They also ate,
33 sausages   
40 plates of fries,  20 pieces  of chicken
and still had room to drink

 12 vanilla milk shakes
100 coffees  15 lemonades and 186 sodas....
We bought 2 newspapers to check on Kenya Power's notices, but though there were none
5 power blackouts occured but we had 
that saved the day!
30 pairs of earings,  
10 chillimango tshirts,
bracelets found new owners as well as
very cool white kinanda tshirts by worn by #teamkinanda.....
16 photos were showcased in the gallery with mwarv, 
1 Hugh Masekela print from this collection was bought by
Blinky Bill!
1 ipad allowed

teamkinanandites  invite
70 new guests into our Family making, the
7th edition of the Nairobi Kinanda Festival the best yet.