About Kinanda Arts Festival

The Nairobi Kinanda Festival is a monthly Art of extravaganza of the music, poetry, visual art, creative writing, spoken word, film and street art, from primarily from Kenyan artists but also from the rest of the continent; all this happening over a single weekend, the last Sunday Afternoon, every month.

The ethos of The Nairobi The Nairobi Kinanda Arts Festival festival is guided by our vision to be (the regional leader) and provider of an authentic, wholesome and affordable live entertainment experience.

The Nairobi Kinanda Arts Festival Festival is collective effort by a team of highly energized individuals with exemplary track records, driven by a passionate desire to celebrate, nourish and develop the growth of the local arts and culture industry.

Drop as a line, we are always looking for collaborators.

Art cannot change the world but it can contribute to
Changing the consciousness of men and women
Who would change the world?
— Herbert Marcuse, philosopher (1898-1979)